والتین و الزیتون(تقدیم به حبیبه ویاسمن)
شنبه 20 مهر‌ماه سال 1392

داستان ملاقات با امام زمان 1336/Story met with Imam mahdi،marhum Ayatollah Namazi 1336

Rajai Dktrghlamly : Look what I 've consulted with . Grand Ayatollah Sayyed Ayatollah Vahid Khorasani Vtshrf Brsrmrj discussion was the late Ayatollah Namazi Shahroodi Arvahnafdah the Lord Jesus . Converting the introduction to this book, Ayatollah Namazi has not actually read it , taste is . Adventure to read this initiation . , I read it shed a lot of tears . What was the tear ? I do not know . Parting tears , tears of shame ? Tears of remorse ? Tears of joy ... Gvaraytan !----------------------------------In 1336 AD, from Tehran to Mecca with a group of brothers in faith we are overlooking . Our supervisor Amyralhaj " top Alashraf " was. It took about 250 dollars to 300 dollars and the machines that our contemporaries to Mecca and brought it back to Iraq .I got a Fourteenth views overlooking the Sacred Baitullah who was serving as priest convoy . That year due to problems on the way back to Iraq , Saudi pilgrims imposed rules for cars and the cars in a caravan of pilgrims to the house of God must also move along Sdtayy .The caravan was a supervisor and a car , with spare parts and other supplies convoy carrying . Meanwhile, two police cars , one in front and one in the back of our car convoy duty to protect the convoy was led by two men and a driver named Mahmoud Asghraqa that both child Tehran.When the convoy drove Asghraqa launched .eat dirt . I must get out of the cars lined up and I 'm in front of the other cars .Lost in the wildernessAsghraqa in mind that machines removed from the queue after traversing a distance in front of the caravan will be back to join the caravan of cars unwittingly diverted but he was separated from the convoy . I knew many trips to the deserts of Saudi Bysrvth and timeless . So he got a lot of advice and insist that they be separated from the convoy, the convoy move , but he did not listen . Other pilgrims also were silent and walked with me .Asghraqa his decision and said enough water and fuel , and we can get one -way to the front of the convoy . He was separated from the caravan and went to the desert and then lost in long distance and failed to reach the convoy .The night comes to me . We stopped the car and screaming that he wanted to read the prayer . When I got out of the car , looked up to heaven and saw the distance with seven brothers ( seven Orang ) has increased, I 've come a long way to go wrong because the driver said : " We will lodge here tonight and tomorrow morning. the same way the come - back . "Tomorrow morning we drove back up the road yesterday , but it has the Hejaz desert sand is soft and the wind is steady , unable to find their way back . There was no trace of it on the field last night composing , arranging car was engulfed in sand , several directions for several miles , and finally goes to a place a few miles Pymvdym fighting and come back at night . Third day of the next morning , water , and gasoline all was well .Clouds of despairWe were all appalled and disappointed . But there is no choice , come all to the Imam ( AS ) resort . If the honorable saved us from the wilderness destruction , String prosperity and happiness , but we will not cry if they died in the wilderness , will prey animals .time , wind and sand Vzydh pour on us and be buried in the sand .All were engaged to each his own grave , and yet the pilgrims told to sit down in front of his grave fourteen infallible (AS ) Dua resort Tavassoli I seek and I started reading . First, the Messenger of Allah ( PBUH ) , the Prophet (PBUH ) and the other Imams (AS ) , when Imam (AS ) arrived , we Rvzhay I read a lot of grit . I was inspired in this together "Sir " with the note read : " Alhjaz Drkna or Persian , or Abasalh Adrkna Mahdi , or Sahbalzman Adrkna " despair and crying all the time and we repeat the above honorable man started a series of sound .and be careful . "All emergency and curtailmentAfter considering the appeal , require any person engaged in secret and with your God , I also collected , separated by a small hill and I went back and said that I should talk with your God . I was introduced to the Imam : "Dear Nrsy If we cry now , then when and where you want to Fryadman arrive ." I can not describe the strange cries and appeals . In such a case, the sweetness of life both before and after that incident, I found another .MercyInvocation and supplication of a sudden I was the man in the sights and sounds of an Arab man , with seven camels were loads of them , appearing before us . I was in the desert with a smooth and visible from a distance and see everything , but I did not see him coming and did not notice. I think that the Arabs of Hijaz and the possibly associated Shtrhaysh Shtrbany or maybe passerby who happened to be traveling through the desert has been . I was happy to see him so happy in your own skin Nmygnjydm . Seeing her at the border between Saudi Arabia and Iraq saw Jryh . I thought : this guy sure way to " Jryh " knows and will guide us .I saw the gaiety and joy of the Lord came to me , from where I stood and went happily on his behalf and got him to say hello . In reply he said: " Salaam Alaikum and R. and Brkath ." When we got to the cheeks , I kissed her face . Icons at the height of her beauty and charm , and eye brow and face were very nice and bright . After kissing hello and said in Arabic : " Zytm Altryq , the Lost ? "I said yes.Said: I have come to show you the way .I said : Thank you very much .After he said this and go straight up the mountain pass between them , the two other mountains seemed to pass between them , will appear in the left side of the road you take to get Jryh .Sir, said after the show , " licking Nzrtm Alzy Alnzvr Bshyh ; Nzrhayy that you have no right ."I said : Yes, Mr. I ?Said: " You bet Mrjvh , if all of your assets to spend in Allah's way how to go to Iraq ? While you 're in Iraq to visit the forty days of Imam Hussein ( AS ) and Amyrmvmnan ( as) and other Imams (AS ) facing you , if it does along the way you will spend in Allah's way , way , without cost to stay and you have to beg and panhandle panhandle and the forbidden. The property comes with what you have right now and write down the price of your home and when you get to the size that you spend in Allah's way , Mrjvh is rarely done now . "Then he said : " You'd immediately call your peeps , just the first to fall in the west are Jryh . "Our friends are still weeping and supplication Anabh resort and they did not see us , but we 'd see them . When they call , I am pleased to see us suddenly got up and came towards us . I have one , the man kissed . Then the Prophet said: " You'd go the same way ."The friend said : " Sir, the way I showed you to go riding ."One Azhajyan called " Haji Mohammad Shah Hosseini, " I said, " Haj ! If you might be getting the car back on the road again lost in the sand or we sink . Let us vow to make money right now to some Arab guy who wants to give up labored to accompany our destination . "When I heard about the Haji Agha , said : " Sheikh Ismail ] in front of all of them, I bet they say that is not true ." Mohammed Haj pilgrims to me and said, " Sir, you Mrjvh states vow is not correct , if all of the assets and the asset is now in the way of Allah with which you want the money to go to Iraq and Iran go from there ? In Iraq, you have to beg and beg and panhandle is also prohibited . "The Lord also said: " I ​​have enough money with you for your trip , otherwise I 'd give you money ."and he did swear on the Quran .Sir, said: " Why did swear on the Quran ? Do not swear on the Quran ! Are . Now that I 've come to swear by the Quran . "Then he said: " Ali is guilty ( which will cause you to get lost ) , now I drive Mahmoud center ( driver seat ) and you sit ( Sheikh Ismail ) to sit together with my buddies ride first time will tell . "The Mhmvdaqa I 're driving now . Sir Shtrhayshan where the driver sat beside themselves Khvabanydnd and I sat down beside him .MoveI sat behind the wheel Mahmoud Haj Agha said: "Tell the machine to turn ." Yet none of the passengers and the driver did not notice the lack of fuel and water . Haj Mahmoud starters , he turned and walked to the car . At this moment I saw a man , finger Sbabhashan move but I was not aware of its mystery .Machine goes down without being in the sand , quickly make your way Mypymvd . As we passed through the mountains when they were told that the Lord appeared to the mountain again . Agha said: " Tell me the two move mountains ." I Haj Mahmoud Agha said the middle of the mountain move .The man who did not even speak Farsi and Arabic speaking only to me , but they knew my name and other pilgrims and pilgrims and the driver and all the names were called and we understand Persian words , they respond .When we got to the middle of the mountain , Jesus looked up to heaven , he said : "Now that I am . Tell the driver to stop . Come down and see all your prayers . I read his prayer , after prayer buddies in the car ride , and eat lunch until sunset Jryh willing to achieve . "I talk to Mr. Haj Mahmoud said , he kept the car . When friends were walking man said: " You do not have water ? ' I said : No, not blue . When Drkhtchh thorn in his thick rod that was shown to me and said: " You see that tree that , besides the well . Go , drink water , take ablution and prayer , Mshkha also have filled the car to the water . I read prayers here , I 'm ablution . "When we got to the trees , clear water and fresh hole saw and was about an inch or so below the surface . And it could easily reach our hands into the water and ablution water we drink .
After work and pray , sir , who had finished their prayers , rituals , and they said: "We all eat lunch inside the car " After they walked to the car , I removed the nuts and snacks , my compliments to the Prophet but what he did and said: " I ​​do not want ." Some bread myself " anymore " nice and clean I made from wheat , but it took them some compliments that I have not seen him eat it .Then the Prophet Some cities , such as Hamadan , Kermanshah , Mashhad and some scholars define as "Mulla Ali Hamadani " were praised . And about the " Ayatollah Vahid Khorasani " Hfzh God at that time were known as Sheikh Hosein Khorasani , attended , said: " He is our blessings and blessings ."
Then I hope to have some time , said: " You are well off and hopefully will be fine ." And about the discomfort I was comforted , Hamdollah , the troubles were resolved .Some scholars on the way , sir, there were some references conversations like , " Ayatollah Seyyed Abul Hasan Esfahani," the other guys who compliment .Iran has the blessings of inmateSome of the issues that I was serving in his response width , Myfrmvdnd : "All these blessings come from our bit ." When I was offered this : " Iran is on the road a few miles to a few miles , coffee , water , light , and fruit. But here there is nothing . "He said: " Everywhere in Iran , and is of great blessings and all the blessings we inmate " and I was unaware of everywhere and everything , I realized that I was not his intention . The car continued on its way to being the first Western power Mypymvd the Lord had commanded at the border between Iraq and Saudi Arabia reached Jryh .Then a man said: " I ​​am going . From this point onwards to go it alone . Jryh stay in tonight , tomorrow is a Qaflh Sdtayy of Mecca , you get along with the caravan . "I said : look ! Stay here tonight . You stay with us and be our guest .He said: "Sheikh Ismail , I have a lot of work , you 've made ​​me swear on the Quran , I got the answer . I have to go , and your God , and I'll repeat myself : the vow that you are not right . Be careful to whom you give these assets to the asset account and write Nbkhshnd As I mentioned before , the size of your home where you can spend . "About three hours into the afternoon and evening we had a car with a man whom we serve . Imam Mahdi ( as) had constantly been mentioned but I did not know what to say to mention . Shawl tied at her waist and a big sword in the right hand panel of Hejaz Arabs and a small sword in his left hand and hung like Yshnaq ( a mask ) that Arabs throw over their heads , threw them into the holy light forehead and eyebrows , and the lasso there was absolutely charming and very Khvshakhlaq eyes were. At this time I wanted to do something for them . He took a few steps along And as I was talking to the other man did , I realized that what was on us .I called comrades , Haji Abdullah ! Haji Muhammad ! Inner core ! Sir Hdmt the morning but he did say Nshnakhtym with and understanding they all start crying . Great voice was loud pilgrims . Crying a lot of noise , some of the cops rushed in Khymhay Shrthha that we had set up came up and said , " Who died? " They thought one of us is dead , and we let him cry .I said : " No one died , we lost our way , I 've found the way , we cry ." One of them said, " Thank God that you find a way , it does not cry ." In this case we 're talking Shrthha , prayer and the Maghreb was up . The driver said, " Where did your name ? Where did the name you Asghraqa said: " Sir A. culprit is " committed to building Asghraqa and crying and said right said. It was my fault , because I 'm missing you . I Alhmdllh , resort was good , we lost you , but Alhmdllh Mvlayman got to meet Grace .

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